Hi friends, Hope everyone had a great week. This week, I was doing a lot of deep work, focusing on some great songs on repeat. I added and explored a lot of new releases and new music, but nothing fresh off the press (or out of the circuits) this week. Still, some long-time favorites on here that got some heavy listens, along with one newer addition. Here’s what I was jamming.

  • 1. Evren Ulosoy – Fade To Blonde (Paronator Remix) (2011)This Paronator remix takes Evren Ulusoy’s original track to an elevated level, transforming it into an audioscape of cosmic dimensions. The intro’s eerie buildup paints a darker, more introspective shade of Paronator’s signature trance vibes. With a rhythm as steady as a heartbeat in a vacuum, it crafts a perfect backdrop for deep work or introspective solitude. There’s a sense of loneliness, yet also a strange comfort in this cosmic journey. Ormatie’s remix, however, spins the same song into a different tale of solitude. The progression, smoother than the original, adds an even more melancholic touch to the introspection-evoking atmosphere.
  • 2. Róisín Murphy – The Universe (with DJ Koze) (2023)Roisin Murphy’s collaboration with DJ Koze gives us ‘The Universe’, a track so light and playful it dances through the cosmos with abandon. The lyrics capture a sense of euphoria and freedom that’s as boundless as the universe itself. The track paints vivid pictures, from serene sunsets, to adventurous sailings, to comedic asides. It’s a joyful, offbeat symphony that proves that the Universe does indeed sing a song, and it’s fun to cut loose and sing along with it.
  • 3. London Grammar – Metal & Dust (X Factor Performance) – Friend Within Remix (2014) Friend Within takes London Grammar’s performance and turns it into a temporal warp of rave music. The remix channels a nostalgia trip with its deep, ravey bassline that almost feels like a heartbeat from our party years. The vocal distortions and the incoherent voice clipping from another realm add a fascinating contrast to the rhythm and melody of the track. This remix is like a crossroads where the ethereal vocals of London Grammar meet the wompy beats of Friend Within.
  • 4. Howle – Here Since (2016)Stepping into the seductive realm of downtempo, Howle, who now goes by the name Glasstempo, gifts us “Here Since.” This Manila-born, Sydney-based virtuoso is a master of conjuring lush, sonic tapestries that vibrate with color and rhythm. “Here Since” is an auditory exploration of deep, sensual depths, its far-reaching basslines echoing like whispers in a dimly lit room. This instrumental track is a quintessential addition to any bedroom playlist, infused with a melancholic undertone that captivates the heart and stirs up an emotive mono no aware vibe. The album cover, featuring a dog strikingly similar to my own Pepper, adds an intimate touch to this musical journey. If you’re a fan of deep, soulful, and subtly melancholic downtempo that evokes a sense of longing and relaxation, “Here Since” is a track that will echo in the corners of your soul. A testament to the mysterious allure of artists like Howle/Glasstempo, it reminds us that sometimes the most resonating tunes come from the most enigmatic sources.

There you have it, my Top 4 this week, infused with spacey vibes and introspective beats. This collection of songs takes us from the cosmos’ solitary corners to playful universal dance floors. It’s a journey through different emotional landscapes, each track carrying a distinctive energy, yet all resonating with a shared sense of exploration. It truly captures the beauty of the music universe and its infinite possibilities.

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‘preciate y’all! Have a great week, and let me know what you’ve been getting into

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